Privacy Policy

Welcome visit OOXOO fashion shop! Here is the statement of our privacy promise for the visitor.
Once register at OOXOO mall, users’profiles will be collected as statistical information, such as member info, contact info, shopping & dress habits, 
favorite brands etc, which is helpful for us to classify different users, and easier to offer new services. We will inform the service through E-mail as well.  
OOXOO mall will also collect users’ IP, data and browser type. These information will be used in website management, analysis, usage record, or 
users’advertisement customization, to improve our service and satisfy user’s requirement. For safety and regulation purposes, users’ IP address 
will be recorded. OOXOO mall or its business partners may hold promotion or lucky draw activities from time to time. The users might be requested 
to offer personal data, including full name, E-mail address and home address. When this happens, you will be informed the applicable privacy policy.
OOXOO mall information sharing and disclosure
Unless there is revise in privacy policy, OOXOO and its subsidiary corporation will not reveal user’s profiles. Or we think this reveal is necessary:
1, To obey the law or response to the search warrant we receive.
2, To response to the government’s requirement.
3, To protect the public and users’ safety.
4, To preserve OOXOO mall’s legal rights and interests.
When OOXOO mall is sold, we have the right to transfer the possession of user’s profiles to the new operator or the advertisement cooperation 
partners that users agree to accept their messages. You will be informed the applicable privacy policy.
Username and password
OOXOO mall ensures the safety according to user’s passwords, users have full responsibility to keep their passwords in secret. Please don’t share 
it with the others. If you reveal your password, you may lost your personal profiles, and it might cause any disadvantageous judicial behavior. If you 
use the same computer with someone else, you should log out from OOXOO mall before you leave the company so that your username and password 
will not be obtained by the others.No matter what reasons cause unsafety to your password, please contact our customer service through hot line as 
soon as possible.
We track the IP addresses for safety purposes. If we don’t find any safety problems, we will deletes the colleted IP addresses in time. We also track 
the page visit data which can reflect the flow of the web, that helps us to make plans like adding servers etc.   
OOXOO mall reserve the rights of sending order information, promotion activities etc to the registered users and buyers through mails. If you register 
and buy items at OOXOO mall, which means you agree with this service. If you want to cancel it, you can contact custom service to apply for unsubscribe, 
you will need to offer your E-mail, phone number and address information, OOXOO mall will process the unsubscribe after receiving your application.
OOXOO mall use cookies to reserve users’favorites and record the activities information so as to avoid the users receive the same advertisement or 
message. We will not connect your reserved info with any other users, you can set accept/decline parts or all cookies in your browser, or set the cookies 
notification time. Due to each browser is different, please try to find out how to set through“help”menu. However, you should accept the cookies from 
OOXOO mall so as to use more functions on the web.
External links
OOXOO mall includes other web’s links. OOXOO mall is not responsible for the other webs’privacy policy, when users enter the other webs, they 
should read the privacy policy on those webs. Our privacy policy is only apply to the information collected in OOXOO mall. 
Third party advertising
OOXOO mall may offer service by cooperating with third party. Therefore, we may offer the user’s profiles to these third parties who will agree to be 
responsible for the privacy protection as well. Otherwise, OOXOO mall can analysis user’s profiles and use it in commerce as long as not reveal user’s 
Our website has corresponding safety measures to ensure the information will not be lost, abused or changed. These safety measures include back up 
data and users’passwords in the other servers. OOXOO mall will adopt proper precautionary measure so as to ensure the safety of users’ profiles. 
We will adopt proper measures to protect users’ profiles in our database, and make limitation for our employees, like custom service and technical. 
Please note, we can not guarantee the safety of users’ profiles. Unauthorized login, hardware/software failure or other factors may cause unsafety to 
user’s profiles at any time. 
Privacy policy alteration
We may revise the privacy policy from time to time. If we revise, we will make notification on the main page for about 30 days to let the users aware of 
revised content. If you still use our website after reading the revised content, it means that you agree with the revise.
Contact us
If you have any questions regrading to the privacy policy, please contact our custom service.